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Company information

The new image dental chair, the Imperial Beijing Exhibition, invites you to explore different ‘‘vision’’ circles!

Time: 2019-06-10 11:46:01     

Beijing exhibition is coming again

Another thrilling grand show

Exhibition of colorful exhibits and academics

Technical exchanges attracted more than 90 countries and regions

More than 140,000 professional visitors

Sino-Dental® began in 1995

It has developed into a strong influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

World-renowned oral professional event

New grid booth number: S86/87/88


Sino-Dental® will be held June 9-12, 2019

Held the 24th at the Beijing National Convention Center

China International Dental Equipment Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference

Warmly invite friends from the dental industry to go together

The following shows you the new products

New grid HD image implant chair!

Imported oral light, 30x optical zoom

1080P HD image, Sony original camera

Showing a new horizon



New X1 dental chair

The entire process of supine is only 9 seconds, after cleaning the chair

Multi-function foot control system for easy doctor operation

Can also reduce cross-infection, 135° rotatable large rack

Convenient for patients to sit up and down and doctors

Gas negative pressure suction system with silencer



X3 dental chair

USB universal charging port

3 doctors, a total of 9 memory bits, linkage compensation chair

50,000 critical life tests for key components

Italian solenoid valve, Taiwan low noise motor

Germany Bayer silicone mobile phone tube, DuPont diaphragm

Hydrolysis resistant, anti-aging PU polyether tube, high stability frame



X5+ floor chair

Time reminder for anesthesia/whitening/light curing

LED pressure digital display function, LED temperature control digital display function

Human-computer interaction doctor-patient communication function, full pipe water temperature adjustable function



X5 dental chair

Postoperative cleaning chair

USB charging port, sub-control storage box design

Touch-sensitive metal instrument tray, rotatable pylon

Adjustable air pressure pedal, air pressure, water temperature, stopwatch digital display


China's new grid, the new world of the world