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A trip to talk to yourself - Manila Show, Philippines

Time: 2019-05-14 14:37:16     

Manila, the capital of the Philippines and the largest city, is known as “New York in Asia”.

Manila City Panorama

Manila has the nickname "Pearl of the Orient", which is too apt, and its unattractive externality will only reveal its jewelry to those who dare to come in.

The city is no stranger to suffering. It has experienced every disaster that humans and nature can bear. Today, this chaotic metropolis has flourished and become a true Asian metropolis.

Skyscrapers cut through the hustle and bustle of the sky, rising rapidly from the extreme poverty of the shantytowns, and the shining shopping malls herald a new world in Manila, attracting every visitor!

The crowded roads are crowded with vehicles, but like the overworked giants of sweaty giants, they are the driving force behind the modern metropolis, and the so-called working people are the cutest!

Manila is a port that is not small. In addition to cruise ships, there are many freighters that make up beautiful and colorful portraits.

One boat, one sea, one world

Manila ultra cheap big lobster, swimming crab and abalone

Big eyes to see the big world - Manila Ferris Wheel

The Tal volcano and volcanic lake, 50 miles south of Manila, form the most unique landscape in the Philippines.

One person in Boracay

Organize your mood - fly to the beautiful Philippines and experience the clear mint

Above, we introduced you to the beauty and food of the Philippines; let's get down to business, let's take a look at what products have been exhibited by Xinge Medical on the 13th of the Philippines.

The products that will be exhibited this time: X1, X3, X5, Xinge will work together with you!

May 13-17, 2019, Manila, Philippines, let us fly to the beautiful port, a style mixed city, taste the unique cuisine of Manila, the new grid will not be seen with you!