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Mysterious Egypt - Beautiful Mediterranean Bride [New Geography 2nd Debut in Egypt Exhibition]

Time: 2019-04-26 17:43:37     


        Smile every day,

        Beautiful mood!

     Ancient and mysterious civilization:


        1 year, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes.

        Every day, there are wonderful stories happening.

        Every second, we can use the lens to leave a beautiful moment.

        The ancient Egyptian land is closely distributed in the narrow strip around the Nile River. The ancient Egyptians have achieved great success in agricultural production by controlling and controlling the annual flooding of the Nile. During the 3,000 years of ancient Egyptian civilization, they built huge pyramids, temples, and obelisks, and created the most advanced medical system in the world at that time!

        The geographical location of Egypt makes it impossible for Egypt to have precipitation. From the large number of carvings and paintings left in ancient Egypt, it can be seen that the ancient Egyptians are characterized by high body, black hair, low forehead, dense eyelashes, black eyes, straight nose, wide face, wide shoulders, bronze skin, and strong body. . Their body shape and appearance are different from those of the ancient Libyans and Nubians, and they are different from the ancient Asians and have their own unique characteristics.


        Xinge brand sells well in 66 countries around the world

        Deep layout of the international market

        The new humanized dental chair has only appeared in Egypt at 2 degrees in 2019.

        Every detail shows the professional strength of the new grid, constantly attracting the attention of past merchants.

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       Exhibition humanized products:


        North Africa Egypt Exhibition is the perfect ending

        Taking photos with Egyptian friends:


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