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Romantic Turkey Tour - Xinge Medical Istanbul IDEX Exhibition Review

Time: 2019-04-26 17:38:50     

April 11, 2019


Standing on the edge of the Bosphorus

Looking at the opposite window, I shot a little orange under the reflection of the setting sun.

You will understand why such an extraordinary place

Innocent is the most beautiful city in the world


      On April 11th, IDEX was successfully held at the Istanbul International Trade Center, the most authoritative exhibition in the Eurasia region. The exhibition is held once a year and has been successfully held for 13 sessions. IDEX is a good opportunity for professional oral professionals in Turkey and abroad to meet and exchange for 4 days.

       This exhibition has famous dentists from all over the world. Most of the exhibitors are dentists, dentists, dental universities, buyers and so on. The exhibition has received UFI certification and is strongly supported by the European Dental Association and the Turkish National Health and Anti-Products Chamber of Commerce. The new grid opened up and expanded into the Turkish market sandwiched between the two continents.

a long history

Beautiful natural landscape

Eclectic multiculturalism

Blessed tourism resources

Another Turkish has a general flavor

Xinge led a delegation to participate in the Turkish exhibition

Experience this unusual flavor of Turkey

Romantic Turkey

Straight hit the scene

      Straight hit the scene


      The booth lights shine through every corner, and the exhibits are shining, telling their stories.

     The winner of the China Design Intelligence Award: X5, beautiful lines, humanized performance design, has always been loved and sought after by local doctors in Turkey.

      The exhibits brought by the new team from the sea are: Xinge X5

     The story of the new grid X5 will start from this, and it will bloom in its own color in romantic Turkey.

       Romantic Turkey, Xinge and you will see you next year!

      Xinge is a humanized product, and you can better serve you better!