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New grid deep layout in the Middle East, Dubai exhibition perfect ending - revealing Dubais 6 big bursts

Time: 2019-03-12 15:50:36     

From February 5th to 7th, 2019, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, the new medical team was highly motivated and ushered in the second stop of the new world tour, AEEDC DUBAI. At the beginning of the new year, when we were still immersed in the lively atmosphere of the New Year, the annual Dubai International Dental Exhibition was held in a distant country. This is the fourth time that the new grid has participated in the Dubai exhibition.

1 urst point one

The audience has a high level of "ho"

The show attracted audiences from more than 60 countries.

And this year's exhibitions are refreshed again! In addition to the local rich,

There are also wealthy businessmen from other countries in the Middle East.

(The lively new grid booth)

Our booth (2C01) is in C position in China. We can see our booth at the entrance, which is very eye-catching. This year, the new grid carries music chairs, fashion X3 chair, planted X5 chair VK central vacuum system, Professor Ya appeared in Dubai. The exhibition has received much attention; the friends and dealers who came to consult have been in constant stream.

2  Explosion point two

Exhibits are innovative

While the Middle Eastern aristocracy is pursuing extravagance,

It is also pursuing innovation in consumer goods.

New grid exhibits new technology, new upgrades,

Humanity, safety, health and quality have innovative breakthroughs.

To provide a small force for dental care in the Middle East.

New product

3  Explosion point three


2019 23rd Dubai International Dental Exhibition AEEDC

February 5-7, 2019

Dubai International Convention Center, UAE

The Middle East Dubai International Stomatological Exhibition (AEEDC) is the most influential professional dental stomatology exhibition in the Middle East. The exhibition received strong support from the Dubai Chiefs, the Ministry of Finance, and the Dubai Health Bureau. During the exhibition, there are also many special reports, seminars and exchanges related to stomatology and esthetics. The Dubai Dental Professional Show (AEEDC) is the best stage for the world's major dental equipment manufacturers to showcase their latest products, and is an important way for major manufacturers and distributors to expand their market share in the Gulf region.

4  Explosion point four

Large scale

Dubai International Convention Center, UAE

It is the largest and most prestigious international exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa.

The number of exhibitions received each year is also leading the world.

More importantly, it is located in the bay pearl of the inch of gold!

5  Explosion point five

Chinese brand red to international

In the Middle East, what is most worthy of Chinese pride,

Huawei mobile phones are the most popular Chinese brand products.

And once again, let us see this exhibition:

Chinese brands, made in China red to the international!

Foshan Xinge Medical Humanized Dental Chair has also entered the international market;

Currently sold in 66 countries;

Cover the entire Middle East.

6  Explosion point six

Work and entertainment are correct

"didi" hit the plane

"air" restaurant

"Yacht" goes out to sea

"desert" sand

The world's tallest tower

Local life in local tyrants

These are the six biggest points of this trip to Dubai.

Xinge Medical adheres to the service concept of “Honesty, Quality First, Service Supreme, Pursuing Excellence”. It is continuing and healthy development. Xinge is willing to go hand in hand with the people of all walks of life to create a better future! Provide safe and reliable dental products for dentist friends!

We look forward to the next world exhibition - Germany

China's new grid

New world