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It is a small town passing through Guangdong that has provoked you - Guangzhou Exhibition

Time: 2019-03-06 09:57:13     

Southern town

The biggest feature is that things are delicious.

After eating a rare rustic taste

Will feel

Every ancient town

They are all dreams of an unborn life!

In Guangdong

Zhanjiang Wuyang 

Early reform and opening up

It is very poor here

Can't afford rice

Fishermen pull big net

All use seafood with sweet potatoes

So spent, the toughest time!

Kaiping Chikan

Famous here as the group of towers

But the towers are not living.

Not much good looking inside

On the contrary, Chikan ancient town is very popular.

Very popular country

Old buildings are strange

Full of spirit


Life without a pot of firewood clams is not perfect.

Zhuhai Overseas 

Zhuhai Wanshan Islands is a place frequented

Hiking, climbing, watching the sunrise

Eating seafood, thinking about hard life

Taking a photo is a secondary

The seafood on the island is wild

Can't eat in the mainland

Zhuhai Temple Bay

Island tour of Wanshan Islands

Foreigner Dongao is an entry-level

Temple Bay is a class

It takes more than three hours by boat.

Water clear sand young coconut tree shadow

Maldives known as the South China Sea

The top food on the island is not seafood.

It is the chicken of the village chief’s house.

That chicken is big for eating seafood.

Huizhou Old Town

There is also West Lake here.

The view is not bad

However, there is a slight gap with Hangzhou West Lake.

The old town is what I like

Pig porridge is very sweet.


Guangdong is also autumn

Such as Yangshan

Remote North Mountain City

Famous black goats are a bit thin

The skin is very crisp

Shaoguan Pingtian

Famous for ginkgo

There are several old ginkgo trees in the village.

Ginkgo fruit is what I like

I used to have a bowl of ginkgo porridge porridge in front of me.

My biggest hope is

 one more bowl

Danxia Mountain Niubi Village

Quiet village in the depths of Danxia Mountain

There is a second uncle at the entrance to the village.

It is for the top chef who resigned and returned home at China Hotel.

Fried rice is super delicious

Zhaoqing closed


Small town at the junction of Guangxi, Guangdong

Xijiang brings many wild big fish

It was once the capital of Guangdong and Guangxi in history.

Zhaoqing Deqing

The dragon mother temple here is very popular

Panlongxia scenery is also good

Lingyuan West Road, Guangzhou, March

Every spring

I will go to see Kapok

Rain intermittently

The color of the flower is also clear for a while.

Xin Ge takes you slowly to appreciate this Guangdong town that has provoked you.

Returning to Guangzhou all the way to participate in the South China International Dental Exhibition

Xinge Medical Booth No.:

14.2, E10

You can't see the new grid!