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"A new vision, as unstoppable." The new grid planting image dental chair invites you to open your eyes togethe

Time: 2018-11-02 17:24:35     

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall

Carnival feast in the dental equipment industry

Annual International Dental Equipment Exhibition

Grand opening on October 31st

The second day of the exhibition

New grid with dental chair family music chair, X1, X3, X5 series,

Dental professor oral simulation teaching system;

The open cavity intelligent negative pressure system was unveiled at the dental exhibition.

Different focus

Show different things!

Imported oral light

30x optical zoom

1080P HD image

Sony original camera

Showing a new horizon

——New grid HD image implant chair!

Imported oral light

1080P HD image

1080P HD image

Sony original camera

• Maximum illumination is 50,000 LUX

• Illumination range: (3,000~50,000 LUX)

• 3 color temperatures 4,000K/4,500K/5,000K)

• Rotary switch (can be sterilized)

• Easy to follow the icon button

• Removable handle (can be sterilized at high temperature and high pressure)

Dental professor oral simulation teaching system

Open cavity intelligent negative pressure system

The picture shows our salesman carefully explaining the products for foreign dental friends.

The new show will show the design and function of the new humanized dental chair for the dentist users, and show its unique brand features. The high-level architecture and development concept designed with “humanity” is well received.

The above is the grand occasion of the second day of the exhibition.

The day after tomorrow, the new grid is still

Hall 2

Y13~15, Y35~37

Continue to date with you!

The new grid is more elegant, as long as you participate in the search for Zhuge Liang activities.

Have a chance to win music chairs for free!

Xinge and you create a new pattern!

▲ Long press the QR code to “recognize” the attention, participate in the Zhuge Liang event, and win the music chair.