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The new grid is going to the magic capital to carry out the meeting!

Time: 2018-10-15 11:32:05     


In the four seasons, the favorite is autumn.

Autumn season

Best for thinking about life

Of course, there are still wandering around.

Xiaobian has been expected,

Deliberately prepared a big surprise for everyone!

At the end of October, the new grid will go to the magic capital!

I don't know how you feel,

Anyway, Xiaobian, I am dead chicken!

But still have to control a few controls, I will remember a few~

After all, Xiaobian still has to leave a rational mind.

Give advice to your baby.

Come and see what is in the show.

Interesting and informative things~

Declare again where the new grid is going,

  Magic Capital - Shanghai

Welcome everyone to join,


China International Dental Equipment Exhibition

Cum academic seminar

The new medical treatment will carry:

1. The world's first innovative music musical chair, X3 oral therapy machine, X5 oral therapy machine

2, VK (only open) oral central negative pressure system

3, dental professor oral simulation teaching system

X5 Department of Oral Implants Dental Chair

VK (only open) oral central vacuum system

Dental professor oral simulation teaching system

Xinge in the exhibition

Also specially prepared a lot of surprises for everyone~

"New Grid Search for Zhuge Liang Activity 3"

It will also be staged at this exhibition.

More at the Hao Li Exhibition

And a lot of unexpected and exciting content~

More strategic partners

Activities of the "Dental Store Manager's Management Model Training Course"

Dear dental friends:

You are welcome to participate in the "Dental Shop Manager's Management Mode Training Course" of the China Tooth Group. The course will be held from October 29th to 31st at the Jiating Hotel, 2975 Hongmei Road, Minhang District, Shanghai. Thank you very much for your long-term support and love for the Chinese tooth. We are ready for dry goods and welfare, and welcome you with full enthusiasm!

The above are the relevant highlights that will be presented at this exhibition.


October 31 to November 3, 2018

  Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall

let us be together,

Join this fun and unexpected oral world.

   The new grid hand in hand with the tooth in the magic are not seen with you!

muah(づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

Pay attention to oral health and pay attention to new medical treatment!

▲ Long press the QR code to “recognize” the attention, participate in the Zhuge Liang event, and win the music chair.