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[Cingol humanized dental chair X5 wait for you collar] looking for teeth chair Zhuge Liang 2 - the real humanization is

Time: 2017-07-28 17:14:47     


Do you still worry that you are full of creativity but nowhere?

You are still worry about their own teeth chair has its own set of unique views but no one to tell it?

Do you still worry that you want to make a contribution to the tooth chair sector but no channels?

Do you still worry that you did not attend last year to find Zhuge Liang activities and regret?

Like you this talent,

How can we be buried?

It's ok,


Cingol is celebrating

Cingol is celebrating

Cingol is celebrating

What does this have to do with me?

Of course it does not matter

(Xiao Bian I did not think)

Because it is related to you

Cingol on the occasion of the anniversary, once again launched the main event

Looking for the teeth of the community Zhuge 2

Please first suppress yourself excited mood, read this letter:

This is a deep confession

Dear dealer, doctor, friend:

Hello there

Storm journey, thanks you all the way peer. In the previous year, "looking for tooth chair Zhuge Liang" activities, received from different places, people from all walks of life put forward the proposal! At the same time we also thrive in a variety of valuable advice, from more than a dozen patents to the present more than 20 patents; from the initial X1 series to today won the "China Design Award" X5 series; these awards are You and the new grid together with the crystallization of the crystallization! If the air is everywhere, it is because of you, the new grid everywhere filled with human taste.

Liu Bei has Zhuge Liang's tactics and very good diplomatic ability, making it from the warlords to princes; new grid because you "Zhuge Liang" proposal, to today's achievements!

Look at it!

Whether you are a dealer, or a doctor, or a peer, as long as you have a good idea, you are the teeth of the Zhuge Liang, we are looking for you.

way of participation:

Concerned about the public "cingol168" (that is, the public number), reply to "Zhuge Liang" to participate in activities, click on the link to fill the questionnaire.

Then you are free to get:

New character of the human dental chair X5 one

New grid luxury gift pack

(3,000 yuan in cash)

● Invention Award:

Selected a practical, creative proposal, reward the value of 29,800 yuan a new grid of human dental chair X5 one.

● Special Contribution Award:

Selected the development of the company has a special contribution to the product to enhance the contribution of the views of reward 3,000 yuan cash spree.

● Development Award:

The selection of the company to help the development of the product to enhance the proposed advice, reward 1,000 yuan in cash red envelopes.

● Lucky Participation Award:

In all the questionnaires randomly selected 300 as a lucky person, reward a fine gift.

● To force the doctor award:

In all the doctors survey questionnaire randomly selected 15, respectively, reward the value of 798 yuan in the teeth of a member, the value of 98 yuan "win in admissions" tutorial book.

Winlist Please note the public number "cingol168" (new grid medical)

● Note: your suggestions, whether feasible or not, we will give you a reply Oh.

The time is: July 15 - October 15

Time waits for you, what are you waiting for?

Hurry up!

The event organizers: