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[New fashion] but also a way of life - the new grid of humanized dental chair X5 series

Time: 2016-11-09 10:31:42     

With a straight line of thinking

Explore the beauty of curves!

Fashion, but also a way of life!

——X5 Series     





Touch-sensitive metal instrument panel, rotating rack, instrument box can be replaced to adjust, adjustable air pressure pedal, air pressure, water temperature, stopwatch digital display.


9 seconds supine, 9 memory bits, spit reduction.


Original human fit-type ultra-fiber seat cushion, linkage compensation angle>12 degrees, full pipe warm water function



● Unique ergonomic design, rotating doctor unit, all items at your fingertips

● Patients with no sense of oppression, more easily with the treatment.

● Electric drive plate lifting system.

● Human body communication doctor - patient communication function.


X5+ Car

● Free to move, to facilitate the operation of doctors.

● Electric drive plate lifting system.

● Man - machine interaction doctor - patient communication function.



A touch of your unexpected device tray ...

<<New inductive touch screen>>

Can be rotated


Can be stored

Human, safety, health, quality Four modules,

Let you 360 ° all-round, no dead ends to understand the new grid humanized dental chair!


Anesthesia / whitening / light curing time reminder function

LED digital pressure function

LED digital temperature control function

Man - machine interaction doctor - patient communication function

Full pipe water temperature adjustable function

Postoperative cleaning chair position

USB charging port

Vice control storage box design



Machine interlocking

Safety emergency stop

Water and gas electricity a key switch

Water - gas separation structure

First aid seat

Protected by resistance


Disposable disinfection of spittoon

Strong and weak suction disinfection

Mobile phone pipeline disinfection

Intelligent spittoon disinfection


All - metal - sensing instrument panel

Taiwan's low-noise motors

Imported mobile phone tube

Anti-aging anti-aging polyether

American diaphragm

Stainless steel corrugated foot tube