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Honour enjoy, delicate style, the new case of human dental chair X3 series

Time: 2016-09-14 18:33:04     

We explore all the way,

Only to find that "noble" of your heart!


Honour enjoy, delicate style

                               ——X3 Series


12 patent award smart person - a new health care

【 Cingol medical】-- based on clinical, professional build humanized, security, health, high quality dental integrated therapy machine!


Diagnosis and treatment of new posture, is the X3 van son!



About change, therefore new pattern!




Three doctors nine memory, spit reset

Controllable light multifunctional pedal system, enhances the working efficiency of the doctor




In speed in the pursuit of comfortable, lie on your back process only 9 seconds, linkage compensation Angle > 12 degrees, import microfiber leather, more comfortable!




Pipeline disinfection

Intelligent spittoon disinfection 



Humanity, safety, hygiene, quality Four big modules,

Let you 360 ° full, no dead Angle understanding of the new case of human dental chair! 



Change numerous for brief, experience



Postoperative clean the chair

A key to automatically turn off the lights, rise and phlegm. High efficiency, without clogging

USB universal charger

USB universal charging mouth, you are urgent



Zero block, a broader view

Unique translation lifting equipment

The whole machine structure is more stable, surrounded by patients lie down without shelter, depressive feeling small, easier to relax. 



Multiple protection, stability is very comfortable enough



Blocked to protect

Automatic stop and picks up, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment!


Interlock machine chair

When dynamic mechanical work, chair when a movement is automatically locked


Security scram

A key stop for the surgery

Utility is a key switch

A key gunning to and from work 


Easy unpick and wash, pure color


Pipeline disinfection

Intelligent spittoon disinfection

To protect the safety of the doctor


Strength salivary absorption system filtering device can quickly tear open outfit, easy cleaning and disinfection

The quality of

Inside and outside and repair, just want to give you the best


Multicolor optional



Client authentication (part of the subject hospital)